Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Training Of O Stream Train Crashes, Is It The Work Of A Nutter.?

Train Crashes, is it the work of a nutter.? - free training of o stream

Potters Bar, points screws, parts are missing points in Cumbria, Cumbria days before the man who tried to derail the train leaves the court free, now litter the screw with a tool kit from Halfords ordinary keys are available for 30 pounds, Cumbria is directly to the M6 or the Nutter remove the screws on the points at Potters Bar, and Nutter, preferably one that you unlock the parties in Cumbria and watch free of the M6 and to the devastation TV Pick Have I right?


Samurai Hoghead said...

Timothy B, congratulations.

Because people are beginning to wake up, it seems the United Kingdom. This side of the pond even more hope to the head in the sand, but the best.

All rail operations are threatened. Create a big problem is almost as easy as they say. A truck (small truck), with three men, some of the classic heavy tools and more things in your local hardware store and disperse motivating May a train in, if you want.

I was missing shots on this issue in depth and interest without an oral hearing. I know what I mean. Probably not agree with my words or my words, but do not ignore them.

People should engage in this matter.Our governments are not all that I am aware that the increased protection of our nation's railroads, but even if they did not want every mile of railway can be protected.

So if you see something that is not right, speaks. Is a better thing to think wrong and absurd to suggest that what is realized, looked after the disaster, he does not see that happening and not to report. It will not be done for us. We can not.

Xtine said...

Most likely is the theory of poor maintenance --- but very stimulating.

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