Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Unblock Runescape How Do I Unblock Runescape?

How Do I unblock runescape? - how to unblock runescape

nothing works, I have for months at a time. I'm Goin to the field of privacy in the internet options and tried the password for this work. If you are after this particular site, which is said, can not connect to server. Need help really bad.


Bob B said...

Ago I was locked, and you can do 2 things.

1. Use a proxy to get on the site. The proxy allows you to do everything in the Runescape website, except for Major 1st Play The Game. If you invite to "Play Now" and tried, but nothing happens. (at least that's what happened to me that things were about 8 months. have changed, we hope you have more luck!)

2. Ask unlock the person who manages your PC networking.

If not already know, is a proxy really a search engine of Internet addresses, which gives a new name, thus avoiding the locking system) (Access.

Here are some free proxy sites:

Good luck to you unlocked!

Anonymod... said...

Try these new powers of the trademark. These powers support MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, and almost every other site. Just enter a URL and press GO!

(http://www.guardtunnel.com SSL Secure Proxy - https: / / www.guardtunnel.com)

If the proxy does not work, will probably be blocked as well. Here are some lists of the major powers of the new brand (constantly updated):



These powers can be blocked in the near future, so I suggest you subscribe to our e-mail updates immediately. In this way, you'll never find another proxy!

The more Info and Registry - http://www.anonymode.info/email-updates


Happy surfing! And do not forget to tell your friends, and past the fun!

Daniel g said...

To extremetop100.net, there will be a box somewhere, say private servers. Select one of your choice and get him. It is perhaps not the exact Expierience, but from what I know, they have a snapshot of rank.

Good luck!

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