Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lava Stuck On Top Of Lamp Lava Lamp..broken????

Lava lamp..broken???? - lava stuck on top of lamp

I have a lava lamp, the traditional ... with Blobbs and things .... but for some reason, stopped the drops move after more than 3 hours .... Then I shook it and did the trick. The next day they pulled the same shit, so I shook her again, but now everything is taped to the top of the bulb bubble. in shaking out violently, and it still can not move, even, almost as if it is now about sound. is the trash?


AlwaysDr... said...

You get shit for AW Hill. A new, was $ 20?

80's kid said...

It is not enough to keep him warm. Try a new lamp, perhaps to see whether they are a powerful - but ensure that the bottle right to the lava lamps.
Another thing, sometimes the power at the output is not as strong as other times. For example, with a lot of things in one direction, sometimes the amperage drawn down (never saw the light go deep down, if the A / C kicks, or when the hair dryer, etc.)?

islandho... said...

Moving lava mixes with the oil in the lamp, and they made a great play, your trash, Wal-Mart had for 15.00 clock when there is a large patch gradually decrease the next day, turn it on, will not shake at all. You can try to replace the lamp and see what happens first.

HyperDog said...

Is the correct voltage light bulb?

It is a lamp dimmer (also in the middle, do not comply with certain regulatory authorities) 100% power.

Gloria said...

trash alone.
You can determine who does not really
and whether it is traditional
Only then will it be easier and to get another one.

I like things!

dayday said...

Sounds like the "bubbles" (wax) is not getting enough heat. I'm trying to replace the lamp, to see if it does the trick.

rentonbr... said...

if u heat than light and still does not work then their garbage, but do not try to heat and light differently

ღஜJuliஜღ said...

Just bought a new $ 20 bill, right? Dont Shake it next time!

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