Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dime Lady Head How Long Does It Take For My Hair To Grown Back?

How long does it take for my hair to grown back? - dime lady head

For about a month I have a new haircut. I knew that I did not believe a random shot in the neck the size of a cent, but that the coup would affect my hairstyle. The lady I (disappear one on the back of the severed head of the bridge and let them no problem no hair at all, in fact), which burns when it was cut because I cut the skin. Now it's about a month, has grown my hair, but my hair did not bump .. I need to know how long it would take to grow again ... And what helps and EX. Water, shampoo, etc. .. Thanks G!

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Tian said...

Get enough sleep, no doubt, grow back hair, but scarring can cause hair loss

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