Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Toothed Women Pictures Is It Ok For Guys To Use Teeth Whiteners?

Is it ok for guys to use teeth whiteners? - one toothed women pictures

I am 14 years old and will soon have photo day. I brush my teeth twice a day, but my family is genetic "dark teeth. Refills are not too dark, but I want to appear that it knows (at least for this photo in the book of the year is). He had a photo to my camp last year and very excited when I saw my teeth are not white at all.

I always see women modeling these whitening products and wonder if you can, if children, too? Thank you.


rskf_979... said...

Yeah, okay, Crest Whitestrips are very good, but the teeth can make it very severely. Try Aquafresh trays, less cumbersome and less sensitive, but equally good.

painted love said...

Yes, I do not see why it would be nice. I mean, it's not something in it that would not only harm men and women.
Try it out!

Nice smile:)

kmc x3 said...

Of course, I would suggest, with white stripes, but wouldnt, brushing teeth with baking soda and peroxide, it works much better.

alphab19... said...

You bet people use whitening products! I'm in office bleaching for many men, and take plates bleach house. Go!

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