Friday, December 11, 2009

Es Metal Core Wheels America I'm A Drummer And Vocalist Gonna Start A Band.?

I'm a drummer and vocalist gonna start a band.? - es metal core wheels america

I drum and sing. I try, a brutal death metal, death core start, core grind "and the band. I need people who can play the guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and guitar. The only problem is that they must be on site. I I live in Lake Elsinore, Calif., is another problem that nobody really please in this kind of music anymore. If anyone is interested or know someone who is interested or know someone who needs a drummer and vocalist e-mail me!

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Powderca... said...

I do not think live in your area, but here are some ways you try to find the members are:

1) Inform yourself. Word of mouth is always a good option.
2) Put an ad on Craigslist.
3) Contacts with the local shops record stores, instruments, places, or magazine and see if they have a place for people who are advertising for the support of the group.

I hope that helped.

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