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Heart Cancer More Condition_symptoms Is It True That Thousands More Women Die Every Year Of Heart Disease Than Breast Cancer?

Is it true that thousands more women die every year of heart disease than breast cancer? - heart cancer more condition_symptoms

I read that heart disease kills something like 4 times the number of women with breast cancer. We are two associations for breast cancer, and many events with high visibility, so well known, but nothing harldy heart disease. Why is this so?


TIMOTHY D L said...

8000000 * American women are currently living with heart disease - 10% of women aged 45 to 64 years and 25% of 65 years.
* 6000000 women is now a myocardial infarction or angina pectoris, or both. Almost
* 13% of women aged 45 and over had a heart attack.
* 435.000 American women suffer heart attacks each year, 83.000 were under 65 and 9000 are younger than 45 years. Their average age is 70.4.
* 4000000 pectoris among women suffer from angina, and 47,000 of them were hospitalized in 1999.


* Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women and kills 32% of them.
* 43% of deaths among American women, about 500,000 are from cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) each year.
* 267,000 women die each year from heart attacks, which kill six times more women than breast cancer.
31 *, 837 women die each year from heart failure, or 62.6% of all deaths from heart failure.

itsmyfau... said...

because people do not associate heart disease in women.

homeshow... said...


Matt H said...

Yes, heart disease, more die, you can prevent more than 90% of the time, and is curable, even in very advanced stages with more than 80% of all cases, even if the diet.
Why is the awareness of breast cancer? Since the company started and sponsors of the Pink Ribbon campaign is the same company that makes the drug for breast cancer.

riettebo... said...

Yes, yes - and we pray is a good question. But I must admit that the heart of a patient after he is in the sircle the support that you receive is unbelievable.

marni_sa... said...

Yes, it has to do, like .. Women live the lifestyle much like our male counterparts have for centuries. We like more, but also unhealthy way. Working in terms of diet, stress, smoking, outside the home. Now we face the same risk factors such as heart disease and heart attacks nearly as much.

natasha said...

And thousands of people die from breast cancer.

When I was younger a nutritionist turned around and said, "women can have heart attacks"

Cancer is a major killer, but the selection is not enough. When packages are found in young women who said .. are very young, it's probably a cyst. Diviating'm Sorry!

People are less healthy now and for future generations and the prices are higher, fatty foods are consumed faster at an early age (when I was young, I went twice a year) a gift. You can not cook, so they are for food with additives and fillers and prepared preservitives. Code of conduct contrary, smoke and pollution, sitting breathe, instead of walking.

Our lifestyles do not usually helpful, and if a woman tries to everything to do work, care for their children to take care of his family to juggle everything that will affect your body!

Rant over!

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