Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roadrunner Travel Trailer Manufacturer How Can I Get Results From The Advanced Search In The Member Directory?

How can I get results from the advanced search in the member directory? - roadrunner travel trailer manufacturer

I have a computer, Internet access by cable (RoadRunner / Bright House Network), which works with Windows XP, and I'm interested in people with specific interests, as I find (net of all stories, etc.) in the Advanced Search Directory Membership by the following criteria: keywords - Travel, age - 35 to 50, Marital status - Married Location - Indiana. I get no results and want to learn what is wrong. I have Norton Security. Thank you.

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goodstuf... said...

How to navigate by people with similar interests.
To navigate the interest, go to the Member Directory and find the category list on the left side of the page. You can browse the categories to the profiles of other users of Yahoo! Members with similar interests as you.
The list of interests can be up to 500 profiles at a time. To further profiles in a specific category of interest, click on the links displayed above the search results are to profiles of sex, age, display, "online" status, or other criteria.

Not a criterion at a time. Then when something like a search page, click on the links associated with them.

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