Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Voip White Shark Network Connection Issue?

Network Connection Issue? - voip white shark

I went to Comcast and I changed the modem to connect directly to the modem without any problems, but if it is not connected through a router succeed.

Router DHCP option, and my computer has an IP address legitimate.

I can ping the router, and websites without any problems, but if I was the work packages, I realized there are a lot of packets sent but not received packets movements.

Linksys router is the target of a 4-port Wireless Router. There are also 2 computers and 1 VoIP phone directly with router and 2 additional 1 desktop computer with the wireless router as a Wii. All other systems / consoles no problem with online access only my system.

Please help!

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b3george said...

The problem is that Comcast is probably the MAC address of the router reconizing. You must have access to the router internal configuration on the computer that is connected to the modem. Then you play your MAC address of the router that Comcast is the team. That's because Comcast IP addresses based on MAC address.

You can also try the power cycling your modem and Comcast tricks usually the granting of a new IP address.

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