Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cystitis Female Dogs I'm In Very Big Problem, Dog Have Cystitis And No Vet!!! Please HELP?

I'm in very big problem, dog have cystitis and no vet!!! Please HELP? - cystitis female dogs

Me and my dog lives in the old abandoned mining colony ... There is nothing around my house for miles and miles, take a few villages on the next accommodation for nearly ten miles. I have no car and a man who appears regularly, he was crashed recently. Normally this would not be a problem because they rarely hinzufahren somewhere. But my dog (12) suddenly developed cystitis. She was to be treated for asthma-day, there are few animal and gave him antibiotics and something to calm down. I had very bad reactions to half an hour later, breathing heavily and almost crying out loud, but said it was normal and lasted three days. I was so worried, but it happens. And now this. I had to call again ... is very difficult to treat, often asked me to put my dog to sleep because of his age and it is difficult in any way (a lot of swear, sometimes cursed my dog (she bit him when she found it difficult). But I have to deal with him as he is alone in the corner ... for nearly fifty miles there is another vet.


gsdgirl said...

I see nothing, but potentially dangerous for your dog need vitamins and minerals, as indicated above. It is very unfortunate that the lack of mouth must endure indifference veterinarian. Is it possible that you live too far away to become a veterinarian, who is far away, and request a telephone consultation with a vet to see what they do and recommend, if necessary, by phone with credit card pay to speak - is to see how far it is. Then ask your local veterinarian to do or give to the appropriate medication. This is the only way I see that you get help. Otherwise, if your dog does not suffer expand please, but do not give local veterinarian put the dog to the vet in the other case, you have to try another option.

Dr.Kwack said...

I'm sorry. I really have no advice for you. I can only recommend to try to see if the city has an emergency clinic in conjunction with or instead of the veterinarian.

MagicMar... said...

Cranberry capsules are the cause benifical there, but must in due time a vet.

marci knows best said...

I know nothing about these people, but here is a vet on-line help.

Ali[:™ said...

Veterinary Online link in the comment above me

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