Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gilera Dna Fork Rebuild Gilera DNA Steering Trouble?

Gilera DNA steering trouble? - gilera dna fork rebuild

I have a Gilera DNA 125th For about 2 days, management has begun to turn .. funny and now it's not just fun. I find it extremely difficult to maneuver around the corner and on the road, the bike tends to fluctuate a little from time to time. This is not driving and is very dangerous.

I have noticed, and the son spent too long (partly, too - that I think) has to do with the horn, the friction at the wall / back of the lining of the time led the panel on the left. Fixed with adhesive tape. Still no luck. I realized half dirty before taking the pole and the front fork or very fat. Should I wipe with WD-40 before it a service?

Thank you:)


Tim D said...

It could be the address on his head - no reason to try dirt and oil cause, but - operated, next to the wheel with the front, close to the bar, if it feels crunchy wore head, also a fork and a leakage or improper tire pressure (s). It's a good idea to keep your bike as an act of purification, you can find all sorts of areas usually WD-40 clean and not something you want to get anywhere near the brakes.

azgreybe... said...

Stock tightin neck

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