Monday, January 4, 2010

Summer Slippers Is It Only Me Or Is The Claim About Ugg Boots Keeping You Feet Cool In The Summer Complete Nonsense?

Is it only me or is the claim about ugg boots keeping you feet cool in the summer complete nonsense? - summer slippers

I do not want in the summer, which I believe to be completely stupid, but I flirt my shoes in the house, sometimes in the summer, and my feet sooo hot. Ugg said this shoe regulate itself according to temperature. I do not. Anyone else notice this? I also think it is super comfortable and warm in winter.


♪♫☼♥☮ said...

and your stupid

heather w said...

Haha! People who say, UGG boots keep your feet cool in the summer should be the same people, hats / ski hats in summer! It makes no sense! Uggs I have never used, but I thought, get something for this fall / winter. IDK if they are still in style, but expect to see

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