Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elderly Care Center I'm The Director Of An Adult Day Health Care Center. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas On How To Attract More Clients

I'm the director of an adult day health care center. Does anyone have any ideas on how to attract more clients - elderly care center

We offer services for seniors and people with mental and physical disabilities. There is another adult in the health sector in our small rural community, and they seem to grow faster than us. I need ideas, new fees. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Stuart said...

Older people tend to do things on the recommendations from their colleagues and family basis.

A large poster or television advertising is less effective with people from social networks. I would recommend inviting the entire community to barbecue or social (which come with some very motivating reasons - a door prize or a toaster oven to 100 million to open, for example) and then network like crazy.

All you need is for some people to start the rumor: "Wow place. Nice. I think that Aunt Aggie is all about."

Good luck.

Million C said...

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