Wednesday, January 20, 2010

E Coli Ground Beef How Is It Possible To Get E-coli Poisoning From Ground Beef, But Not From Rare Steaks?

How is it possible to get E-coli poisoning from ground beef, but not from rare steaks? - e coli ground beef

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onlymatc... said...

Found Escherichia coli and other bacteria outside of the steak, not inside. When a steak is cooked to a temperature of 140 to 160 degrees for one or two minutes to kill the bacteria and afraid to say, Bobby V, you can not e-coli, if they are prepared in this way. Moreover, any ground meat is mixed and the bacteria can be found in all meat must be cooked it.

In fact, E-coli is a major problem because of the way meat is processed and fed the cows. Range of feeding cows eat grass, are healthier and have fewer questions to E-coli.

If you are healthy enough stomach acid, it needs to kill the bad bacteria to get from your diet. But if you're like most Americans not have enough stomach acid, especially if you are taking antacids.

Buy hamburger commercial shops or restaurants are not like that. The typical burgers can be mixed with about 1,000 cows, estimated to create all the property of the Empire State Building. Canobtain meat from cows in Argentina, Brazil, USA, etc. This is all cows of Angus beef, are usually placed in feedlots, where they are fattened on grain. This makes the grain feeding fat on the meat for marble, as opposed to cows fed grass, the fat of the meat outside. The cows are fed grain in poor health because of inflammatory fatty acids by food grains are filled. Her stomach and mouth disease were not designed to eat grain. That's why they feed antibiotics and growth hormone. It is a question of profit. There should be more afraid of the bad health that you can eat that garbage bacteria.

If you eat meat from cows fed on grass, a healthy meat is getting really good for you. Therefore, the primitive man has fed into animals with grass, no tooth decay and degenerative diseases such as people in our modern diet we eat today have received.

Another, Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS, traveled extensively to the world was very disappointed that I could not find an SINGLE Culture vegans, who was in good health and to his surprise, the primitive animals ate much healthier, but they were all wild, including fish.

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Halema said...

Have you seen how meat is processed in the fridge? Steaks are just pieces of meat, cut straight to the bone. Hamburg is also controlled, fell to the ground, in the chair, in the mill, etc. and share

You can still e-coli poisoning from cooked steaks and eggs from farms with manure as fertilizer vegetables. And everybody does, unless it is an organic farm.

A good example that a vegan Bio!

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