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Severe Female Wedgie Pictures I Am A 41 Yr Old Female With Severe Joint And Muscle Pain?

I am a 41 yr old female with severe joint and muscle pain? - severe female wedgie pictures

You have pain in both shoulders, hips, knees, and sometimes in the muscles of the buttocks. You have pain / chest pain is muscular. I also have insomnia and frequent headaches.


princess... said...

The main cause of joint pain is an inflammation of the joints. The term is arthritis. In the affected joints cause arthritis:

Fluid accumulation.
And pain in joints is not always due to lupus arthritis. It can also by other diseases more difficult or coexist with SLE, including:
aseptic bone necrosis
Bursitis, tendinitis,
Other types of arthritis
The inflammation of skeletal muscles may also develop in patients with SLE. This condition, as myositis, causes progressive weakness and loss of limb strength.

Causes lupus, arthritis, pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness and warmth of joints, and several joints are involved in both. The joints most remote trunk are often affected, such as:
- Finger
- Dolls
- Elbow
- Knees
- Pins
- Toes

The swelling is symmetrical distribution, which means thatIt is similar joints on both sides.
Improve Generalized stiffness after waking in the morning occurs during the day
Later in the day, back pain and fatigue.
Swelling of the hands occur.
Repeated attacks of arthritis is experienced by one third of people with lupus.

JUAN FRAN$$$ said...

It sounds as rheumatoid arthritis / It affects both the joints and muscles. You should see a doctor. But until we can create will go to the doctor, here are some Aleve and you try to help. As aspirin is the best medicine or regularly about the disadvantages, because it includes anti-inflammatory drugs.

yessy said...

I have a new proposal. I am a therapist .... no doctor, but you can have several things, but try to study them. It may well be myofibrositis or fibrosis or fibromyalgia. It >>>>>>> think myofibrositis.
---- Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain, fatigue and stiffness of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Is being assocaited with stress, can poor sleep habits, work and strain.Viral and recreactional bacterial infections on the system are the precursors as well as cold and wet conditions. ((TRGGER point therapy and exercises to help, please consult a massage therapist)).

--- Fibrosis refers to the formation of connective tissue.

Myofibrose --- is the process of muscle tissue is replaced by tissue.It fiborous is an inflammatory disease fiborus white cloth. As the pain and stiffness. Even as muscle arthritis.
Is ((My opinion is that you have pain in the muscles with similar symptoms such as arthritis have no doubt that it could be, dass Mov discussion forumsement law, but said his chest muscle injury is often associated with headache. Now called the fiborous tissue in the brain (seams) and the breast tissue has the same .. These tissues become swollen and need to see a doctor to make sure it is not.
I hope this has a clearer picture. Please consult your doctor. Could be worse, I do not want to scare you with something worse. Consult your doctor, and you could put in the right direction. GOOD LUCK!

hellogoo... said...

I think this is caused by an imbalance of hormones that affect the cartilage and bone. However, go to the doctor of Ur, knows that he better. especially if the UR in much pain.

St N said...

I'm with Hello Good. Ask your doctor about all their ailments. Your doctor will probably consult you for tests and a specialist. It may be that the arthritis, but it sounds like the worst kind, if it is. Good luck.

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