Friday, January 1, 2010

Gallbladder Failure Stiff Heart... Congestive Heart Failure...?

Stiff heart... congestive heart failure...? - gallbladder failure

My mother recently diagnosed with a hard heart. She said that unless her blood pressure.

At first taken to the hospital (twice) from complications following gall bladder removed (outpatient). He had swollen legs or feet and crackling in the lungs. They realized it was a hard heart.

1. What is the correct medical term for "hard heart"?

We were told not really, lots of details that are not in heart failure ... more or less.

The instructions for the management of this summer: a diet that low in sodium is very low, under water pills to prevent water retention / swelling again, limiting your fluid intake by less physical activity, continued their medication blood pressure and stress dismantle.

2. Does anybody know if these preventive measures are long term or if you just enable them to control for a while to UNEP?

My grandmother told me that she could drop dead in a second, but usually not the right thing, and I have no idea.

3. Does anyone know the life expectancy after the disgnosed?

Thank you all.

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canada_w... said...

Congestive heart failure (CHF) occurs when the heart can pump blood normally. Therefore, no blood flow is not sufficient to supply the organs of the body with oxygen and nutrients. The term "heart failure" does not mean that the heart stops beating completely, but his mother
Heart does not work as efficiently. The entire treatment of CHF should be done under the supervision of a physician.

CHF is managed in the rule with changes in lifestyle and medication. If your mother has CHF, it might make some adjustments in the lifestyle of the following: reduction of fluids - weigh themselves every day is often necessary to balance the intake of fluids and medications to keep active, but has the appearance of symptoms of CHF with to avoid lower sodium intake 2.3 g per day or less. If possible, 1.5 grams per day or less each. Under sodium reduces water retention, wear special elastic stockings swelling of the legs caused by water retention, follow a good program of weight loss, if the weight more.

Be careful, as always!

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