Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wci Communities Florida As An Individual, Retail Investor How Would I Go About Buying The Bonds Of WCI Communities?

As an individual, retail investor how would I go about buying the bonds of WCI Communities? - wci communities florida

Or how can I buy bonds issued by companies whose shares are publicly traded? And how can I find information on bonds, such as price, covenants, bond options, whether senior or junior, they are guaranteed to do? Is there a place where this information is publicly available for small investors of their research before deciding to invest in these bonds do?


muncie birder said...

Moody's publishes information on bonds. Perhaps in his library. S & P provides guidance bonus per month. However, there is all the information you want. That gives me the price range was that trading in bonds and bond ratings from S & P so that the appropriate security assigned.

How can I buy bonds. I call my broker and a quote request to return, qualifications and performance of the call. It may not be in a position to give a prize if none exists. Some bonds are not traded.

traderbo... said...

Interactive Brokers is a liaison office.

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